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Crashes and Statistics (one-day virtual course)
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Virtual Classroom
For More Information:
Janette Prince

This course is designed to relate crashes and crash statistics.  The relationship is an important component for analyzing crashes and developing mitigation efforts.  As part of the class, we will start out with the on-line Fatality Analysis Reporting System.  The class will conduct on-line exercises to identify crash statistics for their city, county, or state.  A second on-line program - USLIMITS2 - will be demonstrated and the class will run the program.  USLIMITS2 develops recommendations for assigning the appropriate speeds for roads.  Statistical analysis techniques such as significant crash rates will be demonstrated as well as speed surveys and calculation of 85 percentile speeds.  Also sight distances and speed differentials and their affects will be discussed.   


  • FARS Analysis and Exercise
  • Speed Limits and USLIMITS
  • Significant Crash Rate Analysis
  • Calculation of Median and 85th Percentile
  • Spot speed studies
  • Sight Distance and Speed Differentials
  • Mitigation Measures

Professional Development Hours: 6.0
Registration Fee: This 6-hour virtual classroom course has a $50 registration fee.

This Event is For: Public

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