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NCHRP 20-7 Guide to Benchmarking Operations Performance Measures

Building upon the National Transportation Operations Coalition initiative from 2004-05 to “define and document a few good measures”, this project refines and advances the performance measures by piloting a number of measures through the cooperation of volunteer organizations. The results from the pilot tests are used to determine the usefulness of the measures, to further refine their definition, and to develop implementation guidelines for the measures.

Moving this effort forward, a workshop was held in February of 2007. Based upon input from this workshop, each of the performance measures originally identified in the NTOC initiative was updated in preparation for pilot testing. Cooperating organizations submitted performance measure data as well as comments on costs, applications, and technical issues during 2007. The results of these piolt tests are documented in the final report and used to further refine the performance measure definitions. An overall guide for implementing performance measures incorporating information learned from pilot testing will be compiled and made available through NCHRP.

Final Report

December 20 Conference Call

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