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NCHRP 20-77 Transportation Operations Framework

The AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Systems Operations and Management (SSOM) has defined systems operations and management as: "An integrated program designed to make the best use of existing highway infrastructure through provision of systems and services that preserve and improve performance." Many state departments of transportation (DOTs) view system operations and management as a growing priority but are finding a shortage of management, professional, and technical staff with appropriate skills and understanding. Operations combines elements of numerous disciplines--system management, traffic engineering, intelligent transportation systems, maintenance, emergency operations/incident management, performance measurement, and planning--into an overall approach for increasing the efficiency and safety of the transportation system. Practitioners tend to have good skills in their discipline but often lack a broader perspective related to operating the transportation system.

The objective of NCHRP 20-77 Transportation Operations Framework is to develop a training and capacity building framework for transportation operations technicians, engineers, and managers.  The major outcomes of the project are to determine: (1) what training is needed, (2) what training is currently available, (3) what are the gaps between what training is available and what is needed, and (4) what is the most effective way to deliver the training that is missing?

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